Craft Beer Connoisseur: Must-Try Breweries in Your Local Area in 2024

Craft Beer Connoisseur: Must-Try Breweries in Your Local Area in 2024

Mar 20 , 2024

Saleem Shafqat

As we enter 2024, the range of craft beers available to Aussies has never been more comprehensive. For those who appreciate the finer aspects of a well-brewed pint, there are a wide range of local bottle shops stocking your favourites and perhaps some you have never heard of. With such a wide array of craft beers in the market, it may be overwhelming to decide which ones to choose. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide, to help you discover a little more about your options. From popular brands to hidden gems, we highlight some of the best beers available in our local bottle shops. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or new to the craft beer scene, these craft breweries are must-visits for anyone looking to buy premium liquor from a local bottle shop.

The Evolution of Australian Craft Beer

Australian craft beer has become a standout feature of the country's beverage scene. Local breweries are carving out a niche with innovative, quality brews that reflect Australia's diverse culture and environment. These breweries, often community-focused and environmentally conscious, offer a wide range of styles, from light, beach-inspired ales to robust stouts. This small-batch approach guarantees freshness and flavour, making each beer a unique expression of local craftsmanship. The thriving Australian craft beer scene is not just about the drink; it's a social and cultural experience, bringing people together to celebrate the art of brewing.

Balter Cerveza: A Taste of Sunshine

Balter Cerveza is a popular beer currently available at Sessions. It has become a beacon for beer lovers, popular among seasoned beer drinkers and beginners alike. Known for its laid-back vibe and commitment to quality, this brewery offers an experience that goes beyond just beer. Their flagship brew, the Balter Cerveza, is a crisp and refreshing lager that embodies the spirit of summer. It's light, approachable, and perfect for those warm, lazy afternoons. With a subtle balance of hops and malt, this beer is a testament to Balter's passion for crafting easy-drinking yet flavourful brews.

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA: The Bold Newcomer

Heaps Normal has burst onto the scene with its Quiet XPA, a beer that's quickly gaining a cult following. This XPA (Extra Pale Ale) strikes a perfect balance between bold flavours and drinkability. Its tropical and citrus notes are complemented by a gentle hoppy bitterness, making it a standout choice for those who love their beers with a bit of character. If you are keen to try the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, then hurry into your local Sessions store.  

Coopers: Tradition Meets Innovation

No discussion of local breweries would be complete without mentioning Coopers. This brewery has been a cornerstone of the craft beer community and is known for its rich history and dedication to traditional brewing methods. However, don't let their age fool you; Coopers has been innovating and keeping pace with the latest trends. Their range of beers, from classic ales to limited-edition releases, showcases their ability to blend heritage with modernity. So, next time you visit your local Sessions store, opt for Coopers and experience the history and future of craft beer.

Exploring Your Local Brewery Scene

Visiting these breweries offers more than just a chance to taste exceptional beers. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and community that surrounds craft beer. Each brewery has its unique story, brewing philosophy, and approach to creating memorable experiences. By exploring these local gems, you're not only supporting the craft beer industry but also discovering new favourites to stock up on at your local bottle shop.

Your Local Bottle Shop Awaits

2024 promises to bring ever more developments in the craft beer scene. Your local bottle shop, Sessions is the gateway to enjoying these incredible beers in the comfort of your home. Whether reminiscing about your brewery visits or planning your next beer adventure, your local bottle shop offers a curated selection of the finest brews from Balter, Heaps Normal, Coopers, and more. With stores in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, Sessions is here to help you discover new flavours and enjoy the best craft beers your area has to offer.